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Pie Mascot Costume

How do you fancy a bit of pie, we are used to making all kinds of food whether it be bread, peas or chilli’s the world is your oyster, obviously this pie is very striking and creates a real stir when used for promotional road shows and store openings.

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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

We are currently gathering suitable applicants for several forthcoming contracts/projects.In the Poole aria
Ideally we need skilled people and also unskilled people who would like to work in this industry.

dressmaking - with an understanding of pattern cutting
hand sewers and general sewing people

Prop Makers

Scenic Artists

Craft people

Flexible and happy to learn new skills.
Most of these are for as and when contracts.

email only:


Our company's mission is to rid the world of cheap imports in our industry and get everyone to buy within the UK, it is very difficult to get the message over to everyone that we are here to create the most beautiful unusual items so over the next 12 months Curlywilly will be moving to the next level by urging everyone to buy direct with us, rather than going to an agent and then another agent, and then another agent, and then another agent, and then another agent, each agent adding £50 on, in the end a £50.00 item from us is sold as £250.00 - so why pay £250.00 when you can pay £50.00 - plus at least you will get what you want rather than it starting as a red apple and ending up as a green one. Chinese whispers - not chinese products.

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